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İzmir Bakırçay University Menemen Vocational School was established with the decision taken at the General Assembly Meeting of the Higher Education Institution dated 21.05.2020. Our Menemen Vocational School started its education and training life as two departments, namely the Department of Veterinary Medicine and the Department of Plant and Animal Production. Laboratory and veterinary health technicians and irrigation technology technicians are trained in the 2-year associate degree programs in Laboratories and Veterinary Health and Irrigation Technologies affiliated to these departments.

In the 3+1 education model realized in our programs, the first 3 semesters cover theoretical and applied laboratory analysis techniques, as well as compulsory and elective basic courses, while the 4th semester is aimed at gaining practical experience including project and workplace practices. Our students gain skills such as gaining practice, getting used to the working environment and getting to know them by working at a workplace in the 4th semester. There are 1 computer laboratory and 2 fully equipped basic application laboratories within our departments. In the laboratories, routine analysis techniques related to agriculture and animal health, which are the post-graduate study areas, are taught practically to our students, as well as basic laboratory skills. Our Vocational School, which gave its first graduates in 2022, continues its education and training life with 6 lecturers (3 lecturers and 3 lecturers) in the Veterinary Department and 3 lecturers in the Plant and Animal Production Department.